Let’s learn with Anki!

Hey guys,

So as part of an effort to help you remember words better, we’re going to start using Anki to supplement our lessons. Anki is a unique flashcard program that uses spaced repetition to maximize learning and long-term memorization. It’s pretty cool!

This shouldn’t add too much time to your overall studying, but I’d like you to use the program every day for about 10 minutes. If you do this, I think you’re going to see a lot of improvement. So… let’s get started! Continue Reading

Nat’s Wedding Break HW

Since I’m going away and getting married, and then going on a honeymoon right after that, we probably won’t be able to meet until Thursday, July 9th, which means a more than three-week break between lessons! But fret not; I’m giving you enough homework to keep you busy and on your Japanese-learning toes during the break! I’ll bet you’re excited. :o

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Lesson 5 HW

Lesson 5’s HW involves watching a video that I made. Continue Reading

Lesson 5 Recap

Tonight brought us into the fascinatingly decorated studios of Chelsea’s workplace, Double Wide Media! Thanks for hosting, Chelsea! That was a fabulous place–I hope we get to study there again. Continue Reading

Lesson 4 HW

This week’s homework is from the Genki workbook, though I made a couple of changes. (Reduced quantity of busywork and added a twist to the last page.) Continue Reading

Lesson 3 HW Review

Great job on the homework from last time, guys! おつかれさま! Your translations were great, and I hope you learned a little something from doing them. I’m going to go through the homework screenshot by screenshot and explain the Japanese in them. Continue Reading

Lesson 4: Recap

Hey guys, thanks for coming out tonight and participating in a great lesson! As a quick review, here’s what we covered today Continue Reading

Lesson 3: HW

Hello ladies,

Have I got the best couple of gaming magazine editors or what? Listen up girls, I have a new assignment for you, fresh from our team in the field. Continue Reading

Hiragana Practice in Sidebar

So, in the interest of making studying super-convenient, I switched around the sidebar a little bit. Continue Reading

Sidebar Vocabulary

You may have noticed that I added a few boxes to the sidebars. Continue Reading