Lesson 3: HW

Hello ladies,

Have I got the best couple of gaming magazine editors or what? Listen up girls, I have a new assignment for you, fresh from our team in the field. Seems our boys at E3 have managed, through some extended wining and dining, to get Square-Enix to leak some screenshots of a few upcoming releases they’re going to do. And get this: they’re going retro. Looks like Square-Enix is going to release a Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest anthology (platform TBA), and we’ve got the scoop on it! All right!

Only thing is, the screenshots are in Japanese, and you two are our only staffers who understand a lick of the moonspeak. Think you could help us out and translate these screenshots? It looks like we have two shots from FFIV (a status screen and the name of a town, I think?) and two shots from DQV (looks like a title menu and an action menu).

I think these shouldn’t be too tough- our guy in the field said there’s not any kanji in there and there’s hardly any katakana, but what do I know? Do your best to translate what’s there, and consult any charts you might have or whatever. If you can translate them in text format, that’s fine; if you actually want to edit the screenshots and put ‘em into English, it might be nice to have that kind of mock-up for our June issue, but it’s not necessary. Do what you can!

Here’re the shots (click for big):

Don’t post your translations here; I’d like to see how you both do individually. E-mail them to me, but feel free to comment on this post if you have any questions. Thanks a lot!

–The Boss

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    Posted by chewbear on 02.06.09 at 4:12 pm

    haha looks fun. :) thanks nat!

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