Lesson 4 HW

This week’s homework is from the Genki workbook, though I made a couple of changes. (Reduced quantity of busywork and added a twist to the last page.)

There are five sheets of homework. I’d prefer that you not type them. Fill them out on your computer using a stylus or mouse, or print them out and do them by hand, or just number a piece of paper and write your answers on that paper. At this stage in your learning I think it’s good to get lots of practice writing by hand, even though typing is easier.

Homework sheets are below (click for big):

In addition to these sheets, by our next lesson you should know all of the following katakana characters:

カキクケコ (ガギグゲゴ)
サシスセソ (ザジズゼゾ)
タチツテト (ダヂヅデド)
ハヒフヘホ (バビブベボ、パピプペポ)

Also, review all of your ひらがな, because I’ll be giving you a comprehensive test on them the next time we meet. And make sure you’ve studied the vocabulary from Lesson 2 and reviewed the Lesson 1 vocab as well! It’s a lot to do, but I know you can do it! The Lesson 2 vocab is up on the sidebar now.

Bonus info: This is a really good website for reviewing hiragana and katakana which I just recently stumbled upon. You can select which rows of the kana you want to practice, and you can even select different fonts so you can practice recognizing characters written in different ways! I highly encourage you to use it.

じゃあ、がんばって, and I’ll see you on Thursday!

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